Organizational Agility as a Strategic Imperative (Prosci)

Vi har haft två medlemsmöten på temat kombinationen av CM + Agile. Här är en artikel från Prosci på samma tema.

(OBS att artikeln i sin tur innehåller länkar till andra källor på samma tema)

Prosci logo

Så här inleds artikeln:

We are living in a time of great change. Bigger change. Faster change. More complex change. More cross-functional change. More multi-disciplinary change. At the same time, we are more connected and processing more information than we ever have had in the past.

To be successful in this environment of rapid, concurrent and never-ending change, organizations must grow their change agility not just to thrive, but to survive. In fact, senior leaders are starting to acknowledge how important agility is to their success. In a PwC survey of 1150 CEOs, 76% said that their ability to adapt to change will be a key source of competitive advantage in the future. A study by McKinsey found that 9 out of 10 executives said organizational agility was critical to business success and growing in importance over time. And the Project Management Institute’s Organizational Agility Report introduced the following equation: greater organizational agility = better performance = improved competitive advantage.

Läs artikeln HÄR.

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