Members Only Webinar – Building a Change Management Network


Som ni vet är en av medlemsförmånerna i ACMP att man kan lyssna på intressanta föredrag online. Den 5 maj är det dags igen!

Building a Change Management Network


Julie-Ann Leblanc, Change Management Lead – Americas, Pfizer


Companies need to transform. Change is inevitable. Leaders are recognizing the value for Change Management. Change Management teams are small. Projects are in abundance. Companies are operating more frequently at the global level. Change Managers need to find ways to support project teams without full-time resources.

During this session, participants will learn how one organization obtained the commitment to expand and build the change management capability at the global level. Participants will obtain practical guidance to identify and select a change network team, approaches to develop the competencies of the newly formed team and ensure the on-going engagement on the part of all team members. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm additional items to add to the information shared – providing attendees with practical information to leverage following the conference.

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