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The ADKAR eBook

As we prepare for the release of our newest innovation, the ADKAR Dashboard, (more info coming in May!) we are delighted to announce a downloadable eBook describing the Prosci ADKAR® model in depth, and its application for personal and organizational changes.

This is the first of six in the ADKAR eBook Series, and offers a comprehensive overview of the five milestones an individual must achieve for change to be successful: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement®. Use this eBook to deepen your knowledge of ADKAR and to share the ADKAR Model with others.

Starting on May 10th, we’ll be blogging about each of the ADKAR elements and releasing an eBook about each milestone. Subscribe to the Prosci Blog to read these new articles and download each new eBook!

In this first ADKAR eBook we present:

  • Each of the five elements of successful change
  • The model as a framework for understanding and managing individual change
  • How ADKAR aligns with traditional change management activities
  • Application of the model in a personal and organizational change
  • ADKAR exercise – how to implement the model to improve change success

This eBook will fast-track your understanding of ADKAR so that you can immediately begin to put the model into action in your own life and work.

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