Live Stream of Change Management 2016 Begins 17 May!


Alla vi som inte själva kunde åka till Dallas kan nu se delar av konferensen på nätet!

Live Streaming

The Change Management 2016 live stream kicks off tomorrow at 8:30am CST with our Opening Keynote, Shawn Achor!

We will be streaming the two Keynote presentations as well as one breakout room, which includes 11 additional sessions.

ACMP members can watch these thought-provoking sessions LIVE from the comfort of your home or office for FREE. There is a small $99 fee for non-members.

  • View on your desktop, laptop or mobile device
  • Experience 2 compelling Keynotes and 1 General Session in real-time
  • Watch 11 additional sessions with applications on topics like OCM Methodologies, Enterprise Capabilities, Leading Change and Consultant Development. Click here for session descriptions.


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