Ny ACMP LinkedIn-grupp: ACMP Technology Virtual Community

ACMP Technology Virtual Community

ACMP har startat en ny diskussionsgrupp på LinkedIn: ACMP Technology Virtual Community.


Technology application is a key factor and often a driver in most organizational change. The leaders and specialists who implement technology have tremendous influence in the success of programs and projects that create desired change; their ability to help people transition through change is a critical, competitive advantage. ACMP recognizes the need for international dialogue around topics specific to technology change for its members and for technology professionals.

This group is for people in all types of organizations who are professionals in technology, human resources, change management, executive leadership, and operations/service functions. We foster robust dialogue and international knowledge exchange about technology change challenges, approaches, and remedies.

Your participation creates value for all members. Submit your questions, suggested articles, research, and professional opinion without reservation, and with civility, and visit this page often to tap into global wisdom. Among the important subjects we expect this special interest group to cover are ROI for investment in change management, executive sponsorship of change management, readiness for technology change and outcomes sustainability.

This is an Association of Change Management Professionals Virtual Community. To learn more about ACMP Global, please visit the home page at http://www.acmpglobal.org.

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