ACMP + PMI WEST – Webinar 27 May: Working with a hybrid project approach

This webinar is organised jointly by ACMP and PMI in Western Sweden. During the webinar we will learn more about working with a hybrid project approach.

We start with some Basics & the PMBOK theory behind Agile, Waterfall/predictive and Hybrid. Then we move on to a project from reality and experiences around hybrid approaches, what has worked well, what were the problems faced, success factors etc.

  • How to follow up progress, How to know status, when different parts of projects work in various ways?
  • Who does what etc? (Who is responsible for status check, Is that the Project manager or Scrum master?)

In the end we summarise, when to use which approach (particularly hybrid).

This webinar is suited for anyone who would like to know more about hybrid project management.

The webinar will be held in English.

PRESENTERS: Adan Amjad, Jagadeesh Babu, Jens Korneck and Martin Hultman, all experienced project managers in this area

WHEN: 2021-05-27 (kl 18:00-19:30)

WHERE: Online

ACMP RESPONSIBLE: Gunilla Ramborgh

REGISTRATION: Email if you would like to join

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