Berlin Change Days 28-30 oktober 2016

Berlin Change Days 2016

Jag hittade detta av en slump – någon som känner till det, eller t om ska åka dit?

If we analyse three decades of applied change management we get a mixed bag. While every year tons of new models and tools pop up in our field, there are too few shining examples of successful, orchestrated large scale change. Whether in corporations or societies, it seems like fundamental transformations have only happened after revolutions.

The capacity of systems to react to change drivers from outside or inside has not grown substantially and in most cases the resisting forces are stronger than those forces which try to drive change. And yet the current dynamic of change is unprecedented. Business models that have existed for decades if not centuries expire at the speed of imagination. Social contracts that have existed for long are disintegrating rapidly. Historicists might look back at our time and call it the Age of Disruption.

At the Berlin Change Days 2016, we want to have a closer look at the phenomena that accompany this development. Can disruption be peaceful? Have all lessons learned become obsolete? What are the new stories that inspire us? How do we support new ideas? Are there models and tools that can help companies and communities to deal with the current dynamics of change? How can we support systems that are growing rapidly to remain healthy in their growth? How can we support systems that are dying to keep their dignity in the process of passing away? How can we reduce the fear that comes with uncertainty? What is the role of change facilitators in such processes?

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